Benefiting Charities

Paying it forward in our community

Our inaugural event really rocked it for our charities. Proceeds from our first event supported 15 non-profit organizations and trail projects that serve the Center Grove School Corporation area.

RTBR also provided qualifying charities an opportunity to share their stories and create awareness about their impact on our community.

Here were the charities that received a combined $15,750 from our inaugural Rock the Block Run in 2016:

Mt. Auburn United Methodist Church, $3,000

Red Alert Robotics Parent Organization, $3,000

Saints Francis & Clare Church, $3,000

Center Grove Orchestra Council, $1,000

Center Grove Trojan Band Boosters, $1,000

Center Grove Choir Parent Organization, $1,000

Center Grove Cross Country Parent’s Club, $750

Center Grove Trojans Gridiron Association, $750

Center Grove Boys Soccer, $750

Campus Life Ministry of Central IN Youth for Christ, $250

South Central Soccer Academy, $250

Center Grove Care Pantry, $250

Center Grove Elementary School PTO, $250

Center Grove Education Foundation, $250

Friends of Johnson County Public Library, $250